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chron6_6_086104 viewsChronicle June 6th, 1908 Description of new line to be built to San Jose (never "fully" materialized).2 commentsMay 09, 2009
F_tunnel_MDO222681 views"F" train for San Francisco exits Northbrae Tunnel, Berkeley, at Hopkins St. Photo by Michael Ongerth. John Stashik Collection284 commentsMay 09, 2009
clinespecial7625 views#271 Special car at Oakland Ave end of C line. J.G.Graham Collection Courtesy of the Oakland History Room46 commentsMay 09, 2009
F_EuniceBr_MDO4991 viewsWestbound "F" at the Eunice Street bridge, Berkeley. Photo by Michael Ongerth. John Stashik Collection13 commentsMay 09, 2009
Arroyo_before_after9441 viewsArroyo Ave, Oakland. Before & After. Inset: Key System 687 on the C-Piedmont line just east of Grand Ave (date unknown). The tracks running straight are for the 10-Piedmont Ave streetcar line. Now photo taken summer of 2002 by Sam Lewit89 commentsMay 09, 2009
exKey_Argentina_13613527 viewsex-Key System unit in Argentina, 1963 Courtesy of John Stashik10 commentsMay 09, 2009
B_curve_w5010 viewsOld trackage as seen in May 2004 John Stashik Collection2 commentsMay 09, 2009
exKey_Argentina_3372_001111831 viewsex-Key System unit in Argentina. Note the trolley pole, split windows, covered coupler, jumper cables and no more route letter sign on front of unit. John Stashik Collection233 commentsMay 09, 2009
USGS4891 viewsThe FULL SIZE image is 1.2 megabytes. Dialups will have a wait.This is a fantastic re-make of the map that was originally put together by Steven R. Mix in 1999. The re-make was done by Lee Donehower in 2002 with the help of Steven Mix. Lee was extremely g2 commentsMay 09, 2009
Xsign_26th2844 viewsX marks the spot.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
5_7_492706 viewsOakland Tribune May 7th, 1949 Describing first transcontinental train into Oakland.3 commentsMay 09, 2009
WPvs9872538 viewsWP train collision with Key streetcar in East Oakland. John Stashik CollectionMay 09, 2009
tunnelrd11580 viewsNot quite rail related, but still interesting. The old Oakland hills auto tunnel before the Caldecott's were built.84 commentsMay 09, 2009
wheelwell5355 viewsThis is a view of what is being called the concrete bunker. According to the maps, this was the upper portion of a cable tram which traversed down to about the middle of where Hwy 13 is now. On the right side was a conveyor tram which went down to over Hw5 commentsMay 09, 2009
OTR2694 viewsOakland Terminal Railway power in February 2001. Courtesy of John Stashik7 commentsMay 09, 2009
skylinetunnelsign8077 viewsBasically not rail related, but here is a picture of the sign for the "high level" tunnel at the end of Tunnel Rd in Berkeley. Taken 5/17/04.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
trib9_19_432473 viewsOakland Tribune Sept 19th, 1943May 09, 2009
trib2_27_572090 viewsOakland Tribune Feb 27th, 1957 California RailwayMay 09, 2009
LSI_lead2765 viewsLong ago this was the Ninth Street Red Train route. Up until a few years ago this was the lead to LSI in Emeryville. Scene looking east from Powell St. These tracks still exist as of this date (12/7/02). LSI is now gone. Courtesy of John Stashik7 commentsMay 09, 2009
skylinetunnel8173 viewsHere is the current day shot of the location of the original tunnel from Alameda - Contra Costa counties. Taken 5/17/04. The sign says "No Trespassing. Violators Will be Prosecuted". Take a good look at this area including the plaque as it's hig15 commentsMay 09, 2009
rrties22451 viewsThere are a small handful of areas where you can barely see the wooden ties. This portion of the railroad is not dated on either the Lee Donehower or Steven Mix maps. But the other portions of railway lines were apparently built right around the turn of tMay 09, 2009
railrebar2989 viewsIn a few places it looked like some of the rail was used as concrete reinforcement. All the rail I found on my hike today was different guages. This one here was very small. I'd say about the same size as the rail used at the Tilden Steam trains!1 commentsMay 09, 2009
rrties18855 viewsEvidence of the railroad ties are barely visible in the ripples in the middle of the trail.2 commentsMay 09, 2009
pillowblock2843 viewsOn the bunker. This metal piece looks a lot like the base of a pillow block to me.May 09, 2009
oldrail3186 viewsThis was an old piece of rail I found off the side of the trail. I don't know my guages, but you can see the scale with my GPS (about the size of a cell phone) right next to it.2 commentsMay 09, 2009
LSI2747 viewsAt 65th St. in Emeryville, this is the look of the former Red Train route just a few years ago. The cars are spotted at the LSI plant. A hopper car is rare here, usually just corn syrup tanks. Although most of the tracks still exist as of this date (12/7/7 commentsMay 09, 2009
Hermosa2141 viewsUnited Railroads of SF "Hermosa". Date/location unknown. Courtesy of John Stashik2 commentsMay 09, 2009
concrete12622 viewsConcrete bunker 1909.May 09, 2009
26thSt_spanwire4407 viewsRemnants of the past in West Oakland.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
concrete222620 viewsConcrete bunker 1909. As you can see there is lots of graffitti. There is also lots of old rusty cans. If you do go here and you're so inclined, bring a garbage bag and haul out a little bit of the trash.28 commentsMay 09, 2009
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