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Shiloh_Road_Facing_Molena3398 viewsThis is the Shiloh Road safety stop for the Western Railway Museum, looking West towards Molena.4 commentsMay 09, 2009
Shiloh_Road_Facing_Garfield1876 viewsThis is a view of the Shiloh Road grade crossing, near the former Garfield flagstop.6 commentsMay 09, 2009
sndepot2004 viewsSN depot at Pittsburg, CA (Railroad Ave). Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection1 commentsMay 09, 2009
SN6444132 viewsSN motor 644. This may be in Oakland. Courtesy of John Stashik3 commentsMay 09, 2009
SN10172617 viewsSN train 12, Oakland Courtesy of John StashikMay 09, 2009
sn10089517 viewsSN #1008 run #29 westbound entering subway on way to KS pier before bridge. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
SN1005rose1962 viewsFormer SN 1005, owned by BAERA, on Key System trackage at Rose Street in Berkeley. Courtesy of John Stashik1 commentsMay 09, 2009
SN1005berryman1871 viewsFormer SN 1005 on Key System F line trackage at Berryman and Henry Streets, Berkeley Courtesy of John StashikMay 09, 2009
sn1003tr32105 viewsSN 1003 on track 3 in Sacramento. Note Capitol dome in backround and Chevy truck & trailer. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection5 commentsMay 09, 2009
sn6706006 viewsSN loco #670 ex TS favorite of motorman George Hademan taken at 40th and Shafter in Oakland. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
sn2106867 viewsSN #210 in Chico yards. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
sn109colusa1591 viewsSN 109 at Colusa Jct. 1937 J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
sn4405906 viewsSN motor #440 used in SN OT transfer westbound at San Pablo Ave. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
sn2344 viewsSN wigwag near Lafayette, CA. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection2 commentsMay 09, 2009
sn40bleak2727 viewsKind of a bleak photo at 40th and Shafter near the "end" of SN service. Approximately 1955.May 09, 2009
San_Francisco_Terminal_East_End5225 viewsThis is a view of the terminal facilities in San Francisco, looking West into the terminal. The SN arrived on Track 6, which was on the South side of the terminal. The train is preparing to depart out the West end of the terminal and back out onto the B4 commentsMay 09, 2009
R_O_W_West_Pittsburg_Baypoint_Looking_West2470 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. in West Pittsburg, looking West. Notice the track is still in place!3 commentsMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Union_Station_Front5920 viewsThis is Sacramento's Union Station. At one time, this station was served by THREE different railroad companies--Oakland, Antioch, & Eastern, Northern Electric, and Central California Traction.135 commentsMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Tower_Bridge_with_SN_221_19382787 viewsSN 221 crosses the Tower Bridge in Sacramento in 1938. I believe it is bound for Woodland.2 commentsMay 09, 2009
R_O_W_Reliez_Looking_West2108 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Reliez, looking West toward Burton.May 09, 2009
Sacramento_Tower_Bridge_1999_Westbound2714 viewsThis is how the East end of the Tower Bridge appears today. Note the former SP track is still in place, while the SN track has long since been removed. This track is now operated by the Sacramento Southern Railroad, owned by the California State RailroaMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Tower_Bridge_1935_Westbound3352 viewsThis is the East end of the Tower Bridge, as it appeared for its opening in 1935. Note the SP Walnut Grove branch crossing in the foreground. This interlocking was controlled by a flagman.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
R_O_W_Montezuma_facing_Molena1500 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Montezuma, looking East towards Molena.May 09, 2009
Sacramento_Tower_Bridge_19991793 viewsThis is the West end of the Tower Bridge, as it appears today. The tracks, which originally crossed in the center of the bridge, now terminate slightly to the right of the bridge approach. Traffic now approaches the bridge straight on, as opposed to atMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Northern_Ohmer_Flagstop_0162899 viewsThis is the Ohmer flagstop, located near the present North Concord BART station. This point is roughly half-way between Concord and Clyde.17 commentsMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Tower_Bridge_19352678 viewsThis is the West end of the Tower Bridge in Sacramento, as it appeared for its grand opening in 1935.3 commentsMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Northern_North_6th_Street_Concord_0254342 viewsThis is the North 6th Street crossing in Concord, as it appeared in the early 1970's. By that time, very little traffic traveled on the line, and it was soon removed back to Clyde. BART now crosses under this same location.9 commentsMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Northern_Las_Juntas_Crossing_0222857 viewsThis shelter was located at Las Juntas, where the SN crossed the SP Avon-Radum line. From what I understand, lots of freight was interchanged here, but not passengers. The SP Avon-Radum line was removed in 1978.4 commentsMay 09, 2009
R_O_W_Pittsburg_Looking_West3820 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. in Pittsburg, looking West towards West Pittsburg. The track was where the sidewalk is now.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Northern_Concord_Station_2_0213024 viewsThis is a view of the station platform at Concord.May 09, 2009
Sacramento_Northern_Burton_Flagstop_0242246 viewsThis is the Burton flagstop, which was located between Moraga and Lafayette.May 09, 2009
Sacramento_Northern_Concord_Station_0212503 viewsThis is the Concord station in later years. This view is looking North (railroad East).May 09, 2009
Sacramento_M_St_Bridge_19112145 viewsThe Oakland, Antioch, & Eastern originally entered Sacramento on this bridge, built in 1911. This bridge was known as the M St. Bridge and was replaced in 1935 with the current Tower Bridge.2 commentsMay 09, 2009
R_O_W_Temescal_Looking_West4428 viewsR.O.W. @ Temescal--Looking West.JPG4 commentsMay 09, 2009
Sacramento_Capitol_Ave_Xing2546 viewsThis is an arial view of the mainline entering the Tower Bridge in Sacramento. Notice the track enters down the center of the bridge, blocking all traffic entering into Sacramento on West Capitol Ave. (formerly M St.).2 commentsMay 09, 2009
R_O_W_Clyde_Looking_South1711 viewsR.O.W. @ Clyde--Looking South.JPGMay 09, 2009
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