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Mainline_R_O_W_Vacaville_Junction_facing_North2929 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. for the mainline at Dozier (Vacaville Junction).3 commentsMay 09, 2009
Mallard_ferry_landing_approach_track_Looking_Northeast3335 viewsThis is the approach track to the ferry slip at Mallard. Because the ferry slip burned, the tracks do not continue much further than this point.7 commentsMay 09, 2009
nn22689 viewsAn outstanding shot of the SN going in front of St Mary's in Moraga. This almost looks like it was taken yesterday. It's almost impossible to see the tracks as they seem to blend into the road and lawn. Photo by William T Larkins from the Roger K. Heller5 commentsMay 09, 2009
Meinert_Facing_Walwood1661 viewsAnother view of the wye at Meinert, this time facing East towards Walwood. This used to be the Walwood Branch, which was abandoned in the 1920's.May 09, 2009
Meinert_Junction_for_Walwood_Branch4378 viewsThis junction is at Meinert, about halfway between Concord and Walnut Creek. The track leading to the left is the remains of the Walwood Branch, long abandoned by the time this picture was taken. Photo from the SN Online website.24 commentsMay 09, 2009
marker3019 viewsFor so few remnants of the SN, I was excited to see this. I don't know what it was, but it looks like some kind of mileage marker or something. The top has a bevel so it appears that this was the correct height. The top is roughly 2 feet above the roadbed3 commentsMay 09, 2009
Meinert2612 viewsThis is a view of the wye at Meinert, near Concord. The train is crossing Meinert Road. The wye used to lead to the Walwood Branch, which was abandoned in the 1920's.24 commentsMay 09, 2009
Garfield_Flag_Stop1756 viewsA view of the Garfield flag stop.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
Mainline_Birds_Landing_facing_Molena2161 viewsA view of the mainline at Birds Landing, looking West towards Molena.May 09, 2009
Mallard_Ferry_Slip2092 viewsA view of the Mallard ferry slip, as seen from the deck of the Ramon. Photo by Kenneth C. Jenkins; Garth G. Groff collection1 commentsMay 09, 2009
Mainline_Birds_Landing_facing_Rio_Vista_Junction2549 viewsA view of the Mainline at Birds Landing, looking East towards Garfield.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
DSCF00111900 viewsThis is a current view of the North Sixth Street crossing location in Concord. The BART tracks follow the SN r.o.w. through here. The BART tracks cross under Sixth Street. This photo can be compared to the previous photo, taken at the same location neaMay 09, 2009
End_of_Track_near_Montezuma1620 viewsThis is the end of track at Montezuma.May 09, 2009
DSCF00101916 viewsThis is a view of what the Concord Station and yard area look like today. The station was located where Port Chicago Highway is (the street curving away from the center of the intersection). The substation was where the BART tracks are now. The yard, fMay 09, 2009
ks622027 viewsK-S yards. #62 up on blocks ready to be put down and back on track. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
Havens_Station_19553126 viewsA view of Havens Station, near the west portal of the tunnel.15 commentsMay 09, 2009
Havens_19552427 viewsThis is another view of Havens, looking East towards the tunnel. The street on the right is Shepard Canyon Road (then called Park). The grade crossing in the background is Paso Robles.2 commentsMay 09, 2009
Garfield_Station_19401651 viewsThis is a view of the Garfield flagstop, as it appeared in 1940. Photo is from the Western Railway Museum website.May 09, 2009
Grade_Xing_near_Kilgore3430 viewsThis is a grade crossing near the BART test track (possibly San Miguel Road?). While I can not tell the exact location, it would appear to be somewhere near Kilgore, which is where the BART test track was. Photo is from the SN Yahoo! group.6 commentsMay 09, 2009
DSCF00091648 viewsAnother view of the station location in Pittsburg. The station was located where the fenced area is. This view is looking East accross Railroad Ave. This is approximately the same location as the previous photo.May 09, 2009
eastport100311952 viewsThe best shot I've ever seen of the east portal of the Oakland Hills tunnel. This is a Bay Area Electric Railroad Association excursion taken in January 1957. Perhaps the very last passenger train through this tunnel. Photo courtesy of Donald Duke from t9 commentsMay 09, 2009
eastporttunnel7728 viewsI've gotten a few people asking me what the east side tunnel portal looked like. This is a pretty good photo of it showing the tunnel portal and the substation which was located there. If you go to this spot now (Pinehurst just south of the hairpin turn),23 commentsMay 09, 2009
DSCF00081751 viewsThis is a current photo of the station site in Pittsburg. The intersection in the photo is Railroad Ave. and Eighth Streets. The station was located where the fenced area is on the other side of the street. This view is looking Southeast from Eighth StMay 09, 2009
DSCF00061639 viewsAn opposite view of the same track, looking due West. On the other side of the hill, the track joins the UP (SP) mainline at Cannon. This track is now owned by the Western Railway Museum and is used to tranfer equipment to and from the museum.May 09, 2009
DSCF00052377 viewsThis is the track that was built to connect the formerly isolated Vacaville-Susuin Branch with the rest of the SN System. It was taken near Cannon and the entrance to Travis Air Force Base, looking due East. This track is now owned by the Western Railwa1 commentsMay 09, 2009
DSCF00011586 viewsThis embankment once led to the SN's trestle over the SP at Cannon. I was not able to tell if the tracks on the embankment were still intact. On the opposite side of the trestle are the remains of the Vacaville and Susuin Branches. This view is lookingMay 09, 2009
DSCF00041482 viewsThis is an opposite view of the previous photo, looking Northeast.May 09, 2009
DSCF00021556 viewsThis is the opposite side of the SN trestle at Cannon. The tracks lead to the Vacaville and Susuin Branches. This view is looking Southwest.May 09, 2009
Clarksburg_Branch_facing_Oxford1429 viewsThis is the branchline to Oxford. The spur to the sugar factory at Clarksburg is on the left.May 09, 2009
Clarksburg_Branch_Babel_Slough_Road_facing_Sacramento3068 viewsA view of the Babel Slough Rd. grade crossing, facing towards Riverview.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
Clarksburg_Branch_Babel_Slough_Road_facing_Clarksburg2701 viewsA view of the Babel Slough Rd. grade crossing, facing towards Oxford.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
Clarksburg_Branch_facing_Sacramento2530 viewsA view of the Clarksburg Branch heading back to Riverview. These tracks were used by the Yolo Shortline, but were abandoned when Sierra Railway took ownership. These tracks may soon be removed.6 commentsMay 09, 2009
Bridge_Abutment_Clyde_0012032 viewsBridge Abutment @ Clyde.JPG2 commentsMay 09, 2009
d282417 viewsThis is a photocopy of an image. This a great photo that shows the layout and location of the Havens station stop. Note the overgrown ROW in front of the station. You can also clearly see Shephard Canyon Rd on the right and Paso Robles as the train crosseMay 09, 2009
Clayton_Road_Xing2583 viewsThis is a view of the Clayton Road grade crossing, near the Concord depot. This photo was taken after abandonment of the Oakland to Walnut Creek portion. Photo is from the SN Yahoo! group.7 commentsMay 09, 2009
chipps1_w2434 viewsThe SN dock at Chipps Island as it appeared in Summer 2002. Courtesy of John StashikMay 09, 2009
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