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canyonrow32231 viewsCould this be where the wigwag signal was? This base is located right at the foot of the fake RR crossing sign on the ROW behind the post office. Almost completely covered in vines. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/042 commentsMay 09, 2009
Bridge_Abutment_Clyde1675 viewsThese are the remains of a small trestle near Clyde.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
canyonrow42032 viewsThis is a very quiet and scenic part of the ROW through the Canyon area. This shot was taken not far from the end of following Pinehurst near the point where it crossed over Canyon Rd. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/041 commentsMay 09, 2009
Chico_Station_with_Birney_602513 viewsThis is a view of the Chico Depot, with Birney streetcar 60 in front. This is near the end of service. Photo by Kenneth C. Jenkins; Garth G. Groff collection1 commentsMay 09, 2009
2005_0501_190557AA1633 viewsThis is another view of the Las Juntas crossing location. The actual location is obscurred with development, although I believe it was near where the BART tracks presently are. There is even a short street named Las Juntas.11 commentsMay 09, 2009
canyonrow22299 viewsHere's a garden run by the Canyon school right on the ROW. This is behind the post office. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/04May 09, 2009
2005_0501_190057AA1886 viewsThis is a view of the SP Avon-Radum r.o.w. as it is today. This view is looking South, not far from where the SP and the SN crossed each other.2 commentsMay 09, 2009
canyonrow12096 viewsCanyon ROW about 1/2 mile north of post office. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/043 commentsMay 09, 2009
cable35133 viewsThis location is at the east portal of the tunnel. If you go, while looking at where the tunnel portal was, you'll see a small hillside on the right. These were some mildly rusty guy wires attached to an eye bolt in the ground. If you look at the photo of29 commentsMay 09, 2009
cable23687 viewsAnother guy wire. This one had no rust on it whatsoever. This shot is on top of the little hillside looking right down at where the tracks would emerge from the tunnel. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/9/046 commentsMay 09, 2009
cable14153 viewsYet another cable. We decided to go down here with a metal detector trying to find any trace of the past. We actually climbed the hillside where the portal was almost to the top. It was quite difficult, but no trace of anything but bottles and cans. Metal9 commentsMay 09, 2009
2004_0313_172713AA3819 viewsA view through the fence, where the Mallard ferry slip once was.May 09, 2009
Broderick_looking_West1633 viewsThis is a view of Broderick, looking West. The track to the left is the mainline to Oakland. The track on the right is the Woodland Branch.4 commentsMay 09, 2009
2004_0313_172548AA1870 viewsThis is where the tracks end, near Mallard. I am assuming this is where the trestle to the ferry slip began. The ferry slip burned in 1954. There is now a shipping channel behind the fence which, from the photos I've seen, did not exist during the time2 commentsMay 09, 2009
bidwellsn1675 viewsSN Bidwell parlour car on an excursion at SN Depot in Sacramento. Now a market. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
2004_0313_172008AA4687 viewsWest Pittsburg Wye, viewed from near Mallard. The track to the left went to Pittsburg. The track to the right was the mainline to Port Chicago.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
2004_0313_170931AA1721 viewsThis is an original SN cattleguard near West Pittsburg, just after the subway. Note the rails are still intact.May 09, 2009
2004_0313_171435AA1802 viewsSwitchstand for West Pittsburg Wye.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
2004_0313_164859AA1815 viewsAfter passing MacAvoy Road grade crossing, this is the approach to the subway under the BNSF (ex ATSF) and UP (ex SP) in West Pittsburg. Surprisingly, all of the rails are still intact! The track on the right is not SN related. It is a storage track th3 commentsMay 09, 2009
2004_0313_164335AA1917 viewsSame location as the previous photo, but on a much clearer day! If you look carefully, you can see the rails in the bottom of the cut.2 commentsMay 09, 2009
2004_0229_171842AA2923 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Temescal, looking East towards Montclairl. This photo can be compared to that of the one in the newspaper article, also posted on this site. Notice that little has changed.May 09, 2009
2004_0229_165327AA2264 viewsThis is a view of the Paso Robles Road/Shepard Canyon Road Intersection. The r.o.w. can be seen on the other side of the street, near the stopsign. The station was on the left side of the photo, near where the houses are now.May 09, 2009
2004_0313_164405AA1858 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
2004_0229_165125AA2933 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Havens, from Paso Robles Road, looking East towards the tunnel.3 commentsMay 09, 2009
40th_Shafter_Streets_Location_of_Yard_Looking_South20076 viewsThis is how 40th & Shafter looks today. The yard was on the left where the fence is, the tower was where the burned out building is on the right.34 commentsMay 09, 2009
00_812548 viewsHavens Station off of Sheperd Canyon Rd. 1940 Photo from Joe McTique collection2 commentsMay 09, 2009
00_282691 viewsTrain 27 at the east end of Redwood Canyon heading west towards Pinehurst. This is the Canyon Rd overpass. Pittsburg-SF local. June 1941. See what this spot looks like now. Click here PhMay 09, 2009
41stsanpablo23617 viewsSN locomotive at 41st and San Pablo next to the still standing former Bank of America building. J.G.Graham Collection Courtesy of the Oakland History Room3 commentsMay 09, 2009
41st_and_Shafter4577 views41st and Shafter today1 commentsMay 09, 2009
41stsanpablo4187 viewsSN locomotive at 41st and San Pablo next to the still standing former Bank of America building. J.G.Graham Collection Courtesy of the Oakland History Room15 commentsMay 09, 2009
00_272945 viewsTrain 27. Last revenue passenger train to run over the line. 7-12-41. First station built by local residents to replace flag stop. Note unique design compared to other SN structures. Photo courtesy of Vernon Sappers2 commentsMay 09, 2009
40th_and_Shafter3281 views40th and Shafter todayMay 09, 2009
00_802654 viewsSt. Mary's College station (aka SMC) 6-8-41. St Mary's Rd overpass in background. Click here to see a similar photo 60+ years later. Photo from Joe McTique collection1 commentsMay 09, 2009
00_772052 viewsSt Marys College 6-8-41. One of the last passenger trains shown here. Local making the following stops: Sequoia, Canyon, Pinehurst, Valle Vista, Moraga, SMC, Burton, Glenside, West Lafayette, Lafayette. Photo from Joe McTique collection00-77May 09, 2009
40thshafter3520 viewsSN 40th and Shafter yards. Oakland, CA. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
SN_yard_Sanborn_Map4371 viewsThis is a 1951 Sanborn map of the 40th and Shafter yard. Great detail. Full size image is almost 3 megabytes.May 09, 2009
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