Bay Area Rails: Then and Now

About This Site

I've lived in the Bay Area for about 40 years. I live in the hills of Montclair near the old Sacrameno Northern tunnel. It wasn't until a few years ago that I even knew trains ran through the Shephard Canyon. The more I researched the area, the more I became drawn into it.

I've always been a rail fan. But I've never been into it as much as other people. My interests aren't into specifics like where car number 1017 was built, or on what route it was used. I just love the history and the trains.

My orignal intent was to cover the entire bay area, but the amount of rail history is immense. I am currently focusing mostly on the East Bay region, but contributions from all areas are always welcome.

If you have any collections or photos you would like to add, I would be honored. You can add them yourself or if you like I can do it for you. Credit will always be given.

Have any suggestions, ideas or complaints? Let me know.

Photo courtesy of John Stashik

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