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nn_653655 viewsPhoto caption says "Montclair", but this looks like Chabot Rd overpass. 1948. Photo courtesy of Roger K. Heller2 comments
SNRR661atchabot3231 viewsFreight motor 661 heading west at Chabot. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins2 comments
SNRR661chabotfullimage2868 viewsSN 661 at Chabot - full image showing the construction. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins1 comments
nn_674679 viewsIn and around Montclair ROW. Roger's 1948 Nash on the left. Photo courtesy of Roger K. Heller18 comments
R_O_W_Temescal_Looking_West4516 viewsR.O.W. @ Temescal--Looking West.JPG4 comments
pacrailnews3_4_72e2246 viewsDrifting westbound between Rockridge and Temescal. Pacific Rail News March 4th 1972 from the collection at the Moraga History Center
temescal5009 viewsTrain crossing Lake Temescal. This is an unusual shot because this area was later filled in and the trestle was no longer needed. If you go to Lake Temescal now, it is a little difficult to figure out exactly where this was (at least for me).14 comments
oakpress6_823973 viewsOakland Press - June 1982 Nothing much has changed in this picture over the past 50 years.1 comments
2004_0229_171842AA3007 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Temescal, looking East towards Montclairl. This photo can be compared to that of the one in the newspaper article, also posted on this site. Notice that little has changed.
Temescal_curve_with_Engine_670_Eastbound3929 viewsSteeplecab 670 rounding the curve near Temescal. The train is heading Eastbound. Photo by Wilbur C. Whittaker; Garth G. Groff collection
nn_703379 viewsLake Temescal cut. I believe we're looking north. Photo courtesy of Roger K. Heller16 comments
pacrailnews3_4_72d3287 viewsGreat shot of Thornhill overpass at Moraga Rd in Oakland. I go by this spot almost every day. The trestle and concrete piers are gone, but you can still see the grade on the right side. The grade on the left has been leveled and is now the onramp for Hwy7 comments
SNfreight3883 viewsSN motors 660 and 661 lead a westward freight through the Montclair district in Oakland. This is just west of the bridge across Mountain Blvd. (the street shown in the background). Courtesy of John Stashik8 comments
nn_585288 viewsCaption of this photo says "On the through Havens", but I'm almost positive this is the trestle over Mountain Blvd in the village of Montclair. 1948 Photo courtesy of Roger K. Heller17 comments
SN_652_over_Mountain_Blvd_color_19564548 viewsThis is a color photo of SN 652 passing over Mountain Blvd. in the Montclair District of Oakland, shortly before abandonment (1956). It was posted on the Yahoo! SN group site and has been pasted here.1 comments
Trestle_abutment_over_Mountain_Blvd_Montclair4671 viewsThese are the remains of the trestle over Mountain Blvd. in the Montclair District of Oakland.1 comments
nn_572335 viewsSheperd Canyon. 1948. Photo courtesy of Roger K. Heller1 comments
pacrailnews3_4_72h2882 viewsA train heading eastbound through Shepherd Canyon near Havens and the tunnel. Pacific Rail News issue dated March 4th 1972 from the collection at the Moraga History Center2 comments
SN10172694 viewsSN train 12, Oakland Courtesy of John Stashik
d282443 viewsThis is a photocopy of an image. This a great photo that shows the layout and location of the Havens station stop. Note the overgrown ROW in front of the station. You can also clearly see Shephard Canyon Rd on the right and Paso Robles as the train crosse
00_812637 viewsHavens Station off of Sheperd Canyon Rd. 1940 Photo from Joe McTique collection2 comments
Havens_Station_19553166 viewsA view of Havens Station, near the west portal of the tunnel.15 comments
Havens_19552459 viewsThis is another view of Havens, looking East towards the tunnel. The street on the right is Shepard Canyon Road (then called Park). The grade crossing in the background is Paso Robles.2 comments
pacrailnews3_4_72a2137 viewsWestbound #604 near Havens. Pacific Rail News March 4th 1972 from the collection at the Moraga History Center
2004_0229_165327AA2363 viewsThis is a view of the Paso Robles Road/Shepard Canyon Road Intersection. The r.o.w. can be seen on the other side of the street, near the stopsign. The station was on the left side of the photo, near where the houses are now.
2004_0229_165125AA3029 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Havens, from Paso Robles Road, looking East towards the tunnel.3 comments
nn_683562 viewsPhoto caption says Temescal cut, but I'm not so sure that's right. I can't picture where this is. 1948. Photo courtesy of Roger K. Heller14 comments
nn_616544 viewsGreat shot of train approaching the west portal of the Oakland Hills tunnel. 1948 Photo courtesy of William T. Larkins22 comments
snwestportal30548 viewsSN west portal in Oakland Hills.83 comments
Summit6504 viewsThis photo was taken near the West portal of the tunnel, at the summit, looking West.4 comments
eastporttunnel7767 viewsI've gotten a few people asking me what the east side tunnel portal looked like. This is a pretty good photo of it showing the tunnel portal and the substation which was located there. If you go to this spot now (Pinehurst just south of the hairpin turn),23 comments
eastport100311993 viewsThe best shot I've ever seen of the east portal of the Oakland Hills tunnel. This is a Bay Area Electric Railroad Association excursion taken in January 1957. Perhaps the very last passenger train through this tunnel. Photo courtesy of Donald Duke from t9 comments
Eastport after abandonment 195717077 viewsAmazing photo of SN at Eastport after abandonment in April 1957. This was the eastern side of the Oa36 comments
cable35238 viewsThis location is at the east portal of the tunnel. If you go, while looking at where the tunnel portal was, you'll see a small hillside on the right. These were some mildly rusty guy wires attached to an eye bolt in the ground. If you look at the photo of29 comments
cable23771 viewsAnother guy wire. This one had no rust on it whatsoever. This shot is on top of the little hillside looking right down at where the tracks would emerge from the tunnel. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/9/046 comments
cable14240 viewsYet another cable. We decided to go down here with a metal detector trying to find any trace of the past. We actually climbed the hillside where the portal was almost to the top. It was quite difficult, but no trace of anything but bottles and cans. Metal9 comments
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