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snsubstation2929 viewsSN substation right at east portal tunnel in the Oakland/Canyon hills.6 comments
00_273043 viewsTrain 27. Last revenue passenger train to run over the line. 7-12-41. First station built by local residents to replace flag stop. Note unique design compared to other SN structures. Photo courtesy of Vernon Sappers2 comments
SNtrain62311 viewsSN train 6, location and date unknown. Courtesy of John Stashik6 comments
R_O_W_Canyon_Looking_West2672 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. in Canyon, looking West towards Pinehurst.
R_O_W_Canyon_Looking_East2146 viewsThis is a view of the former r.o.w. in Canyon, looking East towards Sequoia.1 comments
SN_Crossbuck_Canyon2919 viewsThis is a replica of a crossbuck that once stood at this location in Clyde. At the foot of the crossbuck is the base of a wig-wag signal which used to stand here.4 comments
Wig_Wag_Base_Canyon2893 viewsThis is the base of a wig-wag signal that used to protect this crossing in Canyon. The wig-wag can be seen very clearly in the video "Electric Rails Around The Bay".8 comments
canyonrow32311 viewsCould this be where the wigwag signal was? This base is located right at the foot of the fake RR crossing sign on the ROW behind the post office. Almost completely covered in vines. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/042 comments
canyonrow42101 viewsThis is a very quiet and scenic part of the ROW through the Canyon area. This shot was taken not far from the end of following Pinehurst near the point where it crossed over Canyon Rd. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/041 comments
canyonrow22371 viewsHere's a garden run by the Canyon school right on the ROW. This is behind the post office. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/04
canyonrow12170 viewsCanyon ROW about 1/2 mile north of post office. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/043 comments
marker3051 viewsFor so few remnants of the SN, I was excited to see this. I don't know what it was, but it looks like some kind of mileage marker or something. The top has a bevel so it appears that this was the correct height. The top is roughly 2 feet above the roadbed3 comments
00_282770 viewsTrain 27 at the east end of Redwood Canyon heading west towards Pinehurst. This is the Canyon Rd overpass. Pittsburg-SF local. June 1941. See what this spot looks like now. Click here Ph
rowcrossover2476 viewsThis is the ROW looking across Canyon Rd where it crossed over. Just a few feet to the right on Canyon Rd is where it connects at Pinehurst. The ROW on the other side of the road is protected by barbed wire fencing proclaiming it as a "No Trespassing
Valle_Vista_curve_Combine_10172144 viewsCombine 1017 rounds Valle Vista curve, heading Westbound. Photographer unknown; Garth G. Groff collection
vallevista222230 viewsUnknown location (looks like Valle Vista area). J.G.Graham Collection Courtesy of the Oakland History Room
nn_33961 viewsLeaving Moraga. Heading west. 1948. There is a mix-up on who took this photo. I'm working on resolving it, but at this point it looks like it's either Roger K. Heller or William T. Larkins.19 comments
snmoraga12714 viewsSN in Moraga. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection8 comments
snmoraga2483 viewsSN southbound special at Moraga Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection3 comments
00_772125 viewsSt Marys College 6-8-41. One of the last passenger trains shown here. Local making the following stops: Sequoia, Canyon, Pinehurst, Valle Vista, Moraga, SMC, Burton, Glenside, West Lafayette, Lafayette. Photo from Joe McTique collection00-77
00_802737 viewsSt. Mary's College station (aka SMC) 6-8-41. St Mary's Rd overpass in background. Click here to see a similar photo 60+ years later. Photo from Joe McTique collection1 comments
St_Mary_s_College1821 viewsSt. Mary's College.JPG
stmarys43582 viewsEntrance to St Mary's College in Moraga with a small inset of same exact view when SN trains ran through. There is no trace of the ROW on or near this road. If you go off just a bit to the left, the ROW begins in kind of a weird jungle like atmosphere. Se8 comments
nn22715 viewsAn outstanding shot of the SN going in front of St Mary's in Moraga. This almost looks like it was taken yesterday. It's almost impossible to see the tracks as they seem to blend into the road and lawn. Photo by William T Larkins from the Roger K. Heller5 comments
stmarys32132 viewsSt Mary's College in Moraga. General view of ROW. Judging from some photos of seen, I *think* the St Mary's station stop was right about in this area. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/041 comments
stmarys12109 viewsSt Mary's College in Moraga. This is the ROW looking Northwest. You can see St Marys road near Bolinger Canyon Rd in the distance. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/04
stmarys22179 viewsSt Mary's College in Moraga. This is the ROW looking Southeast towards the school entrance road. This ROW was pretty rugged for being on the school grounds. We stopped initially to get the picture above with the inset. When we told the guard at the gateho2 comments
pacrailnews3_4_72g2298 viewsWestbound train on a siding at Burton in Lafayette. Pacific Rail News March 4th 1972 from the collection at the Moraga History Center1 comments
snunk52809 viewsBurton station. Located between Lafayette and St. Mary's. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection3 comments
Sacramento_Northern_Burton_Flagstop_0242323 viewsThis is the Burton flagstop, which was located between Moraga and Lafayette.
sn2410 viewsSN wigwag near Lafayette, CA. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection2 comments
sntunnel2427 viewsSN tunnel and line cars stored at siding in Lafayette. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection4 comments
R_O_W_Reliez_Looking_West2177 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Reliez, looking West toward Burton.
SNRR604and6032291 viewsSN604 and 603 at Walnut Creek. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins
3621 views2 comments
SNRR604walnutcreek2322 viewsSN 604 at Walnut Creek. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins1 comments
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