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Sacramento_Northern_Las_Juntas_Crossing_0222765 viewsThis shelter was located at Las Juntas, where the SN crossed the SP Avon-Radum line. From what I understand, lots of freight was interchanged here, but not passengers. The SP Avon-Radum line was removed in 1978.4 comments
2005_0501_190057AA1797 viewsThis is a view of the SP Avon-Radum r.o.w. as it is today. This view is looking South, not far from where the SP and the SN crossed each other.2 comments
2005_0501_190557AA1550 viewsThis is another view of the Las Juntas crossing location. The actual location is obscurred with development, although I believe it was near where the BART tracks presently are. There is even a short street named Las Juntas.11 comments
Meinert_Junction_for_Walwood_Branch4215 viewsThis junction is at Meinert, about halfway between Concord and Walnut Creek. The track leading to the left is the remains of the Walwood Branch, long abandoned by the time this picture was taken. Photo from the SN Online website.24 comments
Meinert2469 viewsThis is a view of the wye at Meinert, near Concord. The train is crossing Meinert Road. The wye used to lead to the Walwood Branch, which was abandoned in the 1920's.24 comments
Meinert_Facing_Walwood1548 viewsAnother view of the wye at Meinert, this time facing East towards Walwood. This used to be the Walwood Branch, which was abandoned in the 1920's.
Grade_Xing_near_Kilgore3283 viewsThis is a grade crossing near the BART test track (possibly San Miguel Road?). While I can not tell the exact location, it would appear to be somewhere near Kilgore, which is where the BART test track was. Photo is from the SN Yahoo! group.6 comments
Clayton_Road_Xing2464 viewsThis is a view of the Clayton Road grade crossing, near the Concord depot. This photo was taken after abandonment of the Oakland to Walnut Creek portion. Photo is from the SN Yahoo! group.7 comments
Sacramento_Northern_Concord_Station_0212411 viewsThis is the Concord station in later years. This view is looking North (railroad East).
DSCF00101800 viewsThis is a view of what the Concord Station and yard area look like today. The station was located where Port Chicago Highway is (the street curving away from the center of the intersection). The substation was where the BART tracks are now. The yard, f
Sacramento_Northern_Concord_Station_2_0212928 viewsThis is a view of the station platform at Concord.
Sacramento_Northern_North_6th_Street_Concord_0254173 viewsThis is the North 6th Street crossing in Concord, as it appeared in the early 1970's. By that time, very little traffic traveled on the line, and it was soon removed back to Clyde. BART now crosses under this same location.9 comments
DSCF00111790 viewsThis is a current view of the North Sixth Street crossing location in Concord. The BART tracks follow the SN r.o.w. through here. The BART tracks cross under Sixth Street. This photo can be compared to the previous photo, taken at the same location nea
Sacramento_Northern_Ohmer_Flagstop_0162807 viewsThis is the Ohmer flagstop, located near the present North Concord BART station. This point is roughly half-way between Concord and Clyde.17 comments
R_O_W_Clyde_Looking_South_towards_Ohmer_Hill2441 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. near Clyde, looking railroad West (South) towards Ohmer Hill.
Bridge_Abutment_Clyde_0011913 viewsBridge Abutment @ Clyde.JPG2 comments
Bridge_Abutment_Clyde1611 viewsThese are the remains of a small trestle near Clyde.1 comments
R_O_W_Clyde_Looking_South1633 viewsR.O.W. @ Clyde--Looking South.JPG
SN_Signalpost_Clyde2315 viewsI was surpirsed to find this signal mast still standing in Clyde. This signal used to be the interlocking signal protecting the junction with the Naval Weapons Station Railway.
SNRRfreightDiesel1431981 viewsDiesel 143 next to Port Chicago Highway north of Concord on April 3, 1964. Courtesy of W.T. Larkins3 comments
SNRRcaboose16361934 viewsCaboose 1636 on a train alongside Port Chicago Highway 4-3-64. Courtesy of W.T. Larkins2 comments
Subway_Undercrossing_Approach_Track_McAvoy_Road3284 viewsThis is the approach track to the West Pittsburg Subway. The photo was taken from MacAvoy Road. Note the newly installed concrete crossing.2 comments
2004_0313_164859AA1754 viewsAfter passing MacAvoy Road grade crossing, this is the approach to the subway under the BNSF (ex ATSF) and UP (ex SP) in West Pittsburg. Surprisingly, all of the rails are still intact! The track on the right is not SN related. It is a storage track th3 comments
Subway_Undercrossing_G1847 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway.1 comments
Subway_Undercrossing_F1610 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway.1 comments
2004_0313_164335AA1851 viewsSame location as the previous photo, but on a much clearer day! If you look carefully, you can see the rails in the bottom of the cut.2 comments
2004_0313_164405AA1793 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway.1 comments
Subway_Undercrossing_A1849 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway undercrossing under the Union Pacific (formerly SP) and BNSF (formerly AT&SF).2 comments
Subway_Undercrossing_B2085 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway.4 comments
Subway_Undercrossing_19551921 viewsA 1955 view of the West Pittsburg Subway.
SNRR653inunderpass1953 viewsSN 653 at the underpass in West Pittsburg. Courtesy of W.T. Larkins
Subway_Undercrossing_E1712 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway.
Subway_Undercrossing_C1632 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway.1 comments
Subway_Undercrossing_D1579 viewsWest Pittsburg Subway.
R_O_W_West_Pittsburg_Baypoint_Looking_West2400 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. in West Pittsburg, looking West. Notice the track is still in place!3 comments
2004_0313_170931AA1658 viewsThis is an original SN cattleguard near West Pittsburg, just after the subway. Note the rails are still intact.
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