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SN_Switchstand_1_for_Mallard_ferry_approach2973 viewsOriginal SN switchstand still standing at West Pittsburg. This switch leads to the side storage track.4 comments
SN_Switchstand_2_for_Mallard_ferry_approach4009 viewsThis is the second switch at West Pittsburg. It leads to a passing track on the West leg of the Wye.
SN_Switchstand_for_Pittsburg_Wye1559 viewsThis is the third switchstand in West Pittsburg that is still standing. This is the West leg of the Wye, which led to the ferry slip at Mallard. Notice the tracks are still in place!
2004_0313_171435AA1831 viewsSwitchstand for West Pittsburg Wye.1 comments
West_Pittsburg_19401758 viewsA view of West Pittsburg in 1940. Not much has changed here. The tracks, however, are still intact!
SN_Stationpost_for_West_Pittsburg2930 viewsThis appears to have been the West Pittsburg station signpost, although that has not been confirmed.10 comments
Mallard_ferry_landing_approach_track_Looking_Northeast3320 viewsThis is the approach track to the ferry slip at Mallard. Because the ferry slip burned, the tracks do not continue much further than this point.7 comments
2004_0313_172008AA4715 viewsWest Pittsburg Wye, viewed from near Mallard. The track to the left went to Pittsburg. The track to the right was the mainline to Port Chicago.1 comments
2004_0313_172548AA1901 viewsThis is where the tracks end, near Mallard. I am assuming this is where the trestle to the ferry slip began. The ferry slip burned in 1954. There is now a shipping channel behind the fence which, from the photos I've seen, did not exist during the time2 comments
2004_0313_172713AA3852 viewsA view through the fence, where the Mallard ferry slip once was.
Pittsburg_19551903 viewsA view of Pittsburg in 1955. The station was located at the corner of Railroad and 8th Streets, just behind the train.
DSCF00081734 viewsThis is a current photo of the station site in Pittsburg. The intersection in the photo is Railroad Ave. and Eighth Streets. The station was located where the fenced area is on the other side of the street. This view is looking Southeast from Eighth St
sndepot2023 viewsSN depot at Pittsburg, CA (Railroad Ave). Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection1 comments
DSCF00091633 viewsAnother view of the station location in Pittsburg. The station was located where the fenced area is. This view is looking East accross Railroad Ave. This is approximately the same location as the previous photo.
R_O_W_Pittsburg_Looking_West3840 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. in Pittsburg, looking West towards West Pittsburg. The track was where the sidewalk is now.1 comments
SNRRtracksatMallard1954 viewsLooking south at 605 and the tracks leading to the Mallard pier. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins
SNRR603nMallardpier2023 views603 at Mallard with pier in background. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins
Mallard_Ferry_Slip2075 viewsA view of the Mallard ferry slip, as seen from the deck of the Ramon. Photo by Kenneth C. Jenkins; Garth G. Groff collection1 comments
nn_273229 viewsGreat (aerial?) photo of ferry Ramon at the landing in the straits. 1948. Photo courtesy of Roger K. Heller8 comments
SNRRferryRamoncars2700 viewsSN ferry "Ramon" with freight cars. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins1 comments
SNRRferryRamon3332 viewsSN Ferry Ramon leaving the pier at Mallard. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins6 comments
snferryload1999 viewsSN ferry slip. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection3 comments
chipps1_w2413 viewsThe SN dock at Chipps Island as it appeared in Summer 2002. Courtesy of John Stashik
w_SN_montezuma_south9680 viewsMontezuma Slough looking southward (toward Chipps) showing what's left. Summer 2002. Courtesy of John Stashik4 comments
w_SN_montezuma_north2399 viewsMontezuma Slough looking northward (SN in distance). Summer of 2002. Courtesy of John Stashik1 comments
Trestle_Remnants_Near_Montezuma3702 viewsThese are the trestle remains on the r.o.w. near Montezuma. The remains of the drawbridge at Dutton can be seen in the background.3 comments
R_O_W_Montezuma_facing_Chips1569 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Montezuma, looking West towards Chips.
R_O_W_Montezuma_facing_Molena1522 viewsThis is a view of the r.o.w. at Montezuma, looking East towards Molena.
End_of_Track_near_Montezuma1603 viewsThis is the end of track at Montezuma.
Molena_facing_Montezuma2456 viewsA view of the tracks at Molena, looking towards Montezuma (Dutton).4 comments
MP_52_Sign_Molena_facing_Montezuma2478 viewsI'm not sure if this is original or not, but this is the marker for Milepost 52 near Molena.10 comments
Molena_facing_Rio_Vista_Junction2208 viewsA view of the tracks at Molena, looking towards Garfield. These tracks are now owned by the Western Railway Museum.7 comments
Trestle_Birds_Landing2176 viewsThis is a view of the restored trestle near Birds Landing (apx. halfway between Garfield and Molena) on the mainline. The trestle was restored by the Western Railway Museum in the hopes that they will eventually run their interuban trains here.3 comments
Mainline_Birds_Landing_facing_Molena2142 viewsA view of the mainline at Birds Landing, looking West towards Molena.
Mainline_Birds_Landing_facing_Rio_Vista_Junction2531 viewsA view of the Mainline at Birds Landing, looking East towards Garfield.1 comments
Shiloh_Road_Facing_Garfield1899 viewsThis is a view of the Shiloh Road grade crossing, near the former Garfield flagstop.6 comments
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