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SN_Switchstand_2_for_Mallard_ferry_approach3981 viewsThis is the second switch at West Pittsburg. It leads to a passing track on the West leg of the Wye.May 09, 2009
stmarys22115 viewsSt Mary's College in Moraga. This is the ROW looking Southeast towards the school entrance road. This ROW was pretty rugged for being on the school grounds. We stopped initially to get the picture above with the inset. When we told the guard at the gateho2 commentsMay 09, 2009
stmarys32021 viewsSt Mary's College in Moraga. General view of ROW. Judging from some photos of seen, I *think* the St Mary's station stop was right about in this area. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/041 commentsMay 09, 2009
SN_Switchstand_1_for_Mallard_ferry_approach2936 viewsOriginal SN switchstand still standing at West Pittsburg. This switch leads to the side storage track.4 commentsMay 09, 2009
stmarys12043 viewsSt Mary's College in Moraga. This is the ROW looking Northwest. You can see St Marys road near Bolinger Canyon Rd in the distance. Photo Sam Lewit on 5/30/04May 09, 2009
SN_Stationpost_for_West_Pittsburg2903 viewsThis appears to have been the West Pittsburg station signpost, although that has not been confirmed.10 commentsMay 09, 2009
SN_Switchstand_for_Pittsburg_Wye1533 viewsThis is the third switchstand in West Pittsburg that is still standing. This is the West leg of the Wye, which led to the ferry slip at Mallard. Notice the tracks are still in place!May 09, 2009
SN_Signalpost_Clyde2376 viewsI was surpirsed to find this signal mast still standing in Clyde. This signal used to be the interlocking signal protecting the junction with the Naval Weapons Station Railway.May 09, 2009
SN_Crossbuck_Canyon2831 viewsThis is a replica of a crossbuck that once stood at this location in Clyde. At the foot of the crossbuck is the base of a wig-wag signal which used to stand here.4 commentsMay 09, 2009
SN 44-tonner at Reed3179 viewsSN 44-tonner at Reed, 1963. Photo by John Harder. Thanks to Key Route Ken for supplying the image.6 commentsMay 09, 2009
Eastport after abandonment 195716951 viewsAmazing photo of SN at Eastport after abandonment in April 1957. This was the eastern side of the Oa36 commentsMay 09, 2009
SNyard3769 viewsNear 40th & Shafter in Oakland. The houses on the left are on the north side of 41st St. east of Shafter. That's Shafter in the foreground. Courtesy of John StashikMay 09, 2009
Demolition of 40th & Shafter Yards2930 viewsSacramento Northern's 40th & Shafter yard in Oakland, Califr being torn down, 1957. View faces 40th & Opal Streets. John Harder photo. Thanks to Key Route Ken for sending me this great shot19 commentsMay 09, 2009
SN_Key_System_Underpass_under_SP_Oakland8543 viewsThis is a view of the Key System-SN underpass in Emeryville (Oakland) under the UP (SP) mainline. This view is looking West towards the Bay Bridge and the former Key System yard.30 commentsMay 09, 2009
812 viewsMay 09, 2009
SN_652_over_Mountain_Blvd_color_19564448 viewsThis is a color photo of SN 652 passing over Mountain Blvd. in the Montclair District of Oakland, shortly before abandonment (1956). It was posted on the Yahoo! SN group site and has been pasted here.1 commentsMay 09, 2009
814 viewsMay 09, 2009
snunk41995 viewsLocation unknown. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection3 commentsMay 09, 2009
snunk62431 viewsSN excursion on Key Route line at Thousand Oaks tunnel. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
snwestportal30408 viewsSN west portal in Oakland Hills.83 commentsMay 09, 2009
970 viewsMay 09, 2009
snunk52733 viewsBurton station. Located between Lafayette and St. Mary's. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection3 commentsMay 09, 2009
snunk32393 viewsNear Marysville WP station? Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection5 commentsMay 09, 2009
SNRRtracksnswitches2016 viewsSN tracks and switches, at Chico? 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins18 commentsMay 09, 2009
snunk24775 viewsLikely to be 40th and Shafter. Not positive. J.G. Graham Collection12 commentsMay 09, 2009
snunk14902 viewsLocation unknown. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection12 commentsMay 09, 2009
SNtrain62232 viewsSN train 6, location and date unknown. Courtesy of John Stashik6 commentsMay 09, 2009
sntunnel2360 viewsSN tunnel and line cars stored at siding in Lafayette. Date unknown. J.G. Graham Collection4 commentsMay 09, 2009
snsubstation2825 viewsSN substation right at east portal tunnel in the Oakland/Canyon hills.6 commentsMay 09, 2009
snsacbridge1520 viewsSN in Sacramento. Date unknown. J.G. Graham CollectionMay 09, 2009
SNRRtrainRocksign9726 viewsSN 653 pulling cars at the Rockridge crossing. The sign is to the left of the train. 661 is waiting on a spur track. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins7 commentsMay 09, 2009
SNRRtracksatMallard1920 viewsLooking south at 605 and the tracks leading to the Mallard pier. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. LarkinsMay 09, 2009
SNRRmotor4051650 viewsSN Motor 405, side view, at Oroville in 1946. Courtesy of W.T. LarkinsMay 09, 2009
SNRRshafterncollege3609 viewsShafter and College Avenues 1946 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins16 commentsMay 09, 2009
SNRRferryRamoncars2669 viewsSN ferry "Ramon" with freight cars. 1946-47 Courtesy of W.T. Larkins1 commentsMay 09, 2009
SNRRhellerslayout2277 viewsRoger Heller's Sacramento Northern model railroad in the basement of his home in Oakland in 1946. He was assisted by Les Krames and as I recall these were all scratch built. The motors are L to R: 102, -?-, 501 and 101. Courtesy of W.T. LarkinsMay 09, 2009
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